Thursday, 8 September 2016

The Bootleg Collectors Database

Revised, updated, published and now available in many other download stores....

The first edition was published exclusive on Amazon Kindle and its called:
The Bootleg Collectors Guide.
The same edition was published and distributed on Smashwords and its called:
The Bootleg Collectors Database.

Whats the difference between this editions ? and why two different names for the same book ?
The Amazon Kindle edition support Image, Text and Tables. This aloud a better presentation of the book including: Band name/ Recording name / Recording date / Sound Quality / Recording cover.

The edition published on Smashwords do not support Recording covers inside tables.
This means The Bootleg Collectors Database it is only the database of the original version but without the recording covers.

It is a shame that Smashwords publisher do not support tables in books uploaded on their system.
This mess with the book visual structure. On other side, Smashwords make the book available in many other web download stores while Kindle make it exclusive from Amazon !
For this same reason I was forced to publish two versions of the same book under different names but both guides carry the exactly same information.

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