Direct Activism !

How many times have you ask yourself, why people do not listen the truth ?
How many times you ask yourself  if is anything you can do about it ?

Yes, it is !
Welcome to the activity page. Here you can download little flyers to make people think ! You only need a printer and A4 paper.

Some people dont like to listen the truth. Some people are too comfortable to make a change, they just like to complain against the government but the truth of the matter is that we are the ones who support the governmental business criminality. I dont mean the government is a criminal organization but the system they impose in this society is against us and our Human rights ! They are not working in our benefit or in benefit of the country, they work in benefit of their own business interests.


Some people are not aware of what is really happen ! It can be very naive to think we all use facebook and the internet.
If we stop someone in the street to ask if they know about G.O.M not many people can answer this.
People only know what is show on the TV , radio and what they read in the news paper.
That is all they know and care !

Whatever they know or they dont care, people need to be faced with reality and they need to THINK !


This is the reason I decide to create some activist flyers.
I use this little flyers to make people THINK !
They are not aggressive or challenging, they are inspiring and bring awareness to people who read it.

 I leave the flyers in many places wherever I go shopping, go to the doctors or any public place like buss stop and train stations.
I know people will found the flyers at some point. I like to leave it inside the news papers, magazines, shop catalogues, shop shelf's, in the balcony of the store, Phone box and Postal cards/ leaflets display ;)

I only leave one flyer ! I don't know how they will found them but the messages are short and strait to the point.
People can smile and trow it away, others just don't pay attention and others will actually think about of what they read.
Like it or not, one thing is for sure... They all will think of what they just read !
Will this change people mind ? Maybe not or maybe yes... How do we know !?
One thing we know... Humans THINK !

That can cause a confrontation and I dont think this can be any good
I leave this flyers in public places where people can found it occasionally and I hope you will do the same.
 NOTE: Do not leave many flyers in only one place. Someone can pick all and bin it !
Spread them around, one by one !

Some image of the 17 individual flyers

The flyers can targeting some places, people or situations and you can choose the ones who will apply to you. You can make your own too:) Printable A4 pages are in Word and each page have 10 to 12 flyers ready to print. I did this flyers to be one simple message with no distractions.
The flyers message are display here in full for you to choose. 
Download, cut it and use it.

 (A4 Page in Word)


Car park users... Always use fresh coins. Thank you !
 (Direct to car park users with a funny spice)

Democracy is not the right to vote for a prime minister. Democracy is the right to vote for any decisions the government makes... Think !
(My favorite. Go everywhere and fits any place)

Happiness depends upon ourselves... Think !
(Awareness. A  good one to think)

Have you smiled to a stranger today ? Think !
(Simple but very powerful. Have you smile to a strange today?)

If is not right ... Have you done something to change it ? Think !
(This one is directed for people who like complain but that is just what they do)

If you can help a stranger in the street, you are making a change in the world... Think !
(Dont you think this is a case to think ?)

If you live in love & Happiness, Love and Happiness will rule your life. If you live in fear, fear will rule your life. Its your choice... Think !
(Another awareness flyer. Its your life. Its your choice)

Joy is not in things, it is in us... Think !
(To the ones with a late smartphone and gadgets who walk in the streets like zombies)

One by one, we can start to make the change... Think !
(The truth, the all truth and nothing but the truth!)

Planet Earth and Humanity need you. They need you and that is why you are here... Think !
(... Think)

Scanning machines take jobs from people... Think !
(This one is directed to Tesco stores and banks. Less people serving , more machines working)

Think of all beauty still left around you and be happy !
(Its your choice)

Where is your smile ? Think !
(A smile is a natural medicine. use it)

You are not alone in this Planet. We all need a space... Think !
(This one is directed to the drivers who occupy two spaces in the car park)

You can be a miracle in someone's life. Today and everyday... Think !
(Is not religion. Its human contact)

Your job as a car park attendant brings misery to the lives of other people... Think !
(This is the most aggressive flyer. This people are not working in benefit of the citizens)

Your local farmers are waiting for you in the market... Think !
(Food in markets is more fresh and cheap. That is the truth)

Enjoy !

Any ideas ? comments ? I would be happy to create more of this...

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