Thursday, 8 September 2016

The Bootleg Collectors Database

Revised, updated, published and now available in many other download stores....

The first edition was published exclusive on Amazon Kindle and its called:
The Bootleg Collectors Guide.
The same edition was published and distributed on Smashwords and its called:
The Bootleg Collectors Database.

Whats the difference between this editions ? and why two different names for the same book ?
The Amazon Kindle edition support Image, Text and Tables. This aloud a better presentation of the book including: Band name/ Recording name / Recording date / Sound Quality / Recording cover.

The edition published on Smashwords do not support Recording covers inside tables.
This means The Bootleg Collectors Database it is only the database of the original version but without the recording covers.

It is a shame that Smashwords publisher do not support tables in books uploaded on their system.
This mess with the book visual structure. On other side, Smashwords make the book available in many other web download stores while Kindle make it exclusive from Amazon !
For this same reason I was forced to publish two versions of the same book under different names but both guides carry the exactly same information.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Bootleg collectors guide

The Bootleg collectors guide

First edition 2016 / 2017

Here is my second book The bootleg collectors guide.
On this book I gather up to 2.000 unofficial releases on cd and vinyl.
As you know bootlegs are not official releases but this become a very interesting market for collectors.

Bootlegs can not be sold. It is illegal to sell bootlegs but they can be freely shared with other people.
Some underground labels had made a business out of this as many collectors will be aiming to pay some good money for records.
In this bootlegs guide the releases are not price, this is only to give information on what is out there and some other information like, year, venue, cd / Vinyl and Recording quality of each bootleg.

Published on Amazon Kindle
Artist name - Releases name - Release date - Release sound quality - thumbnail of the individual bootleg cover.

Published on Smashwords
The phase 2 have some little differences from the publication of the kindle edition.
On Kindle edition the information and bootleg thumbnail cover are together in the same page.

On Smashwords is a compact edition of the Kindle publication and will not contain the cover thumbnails

Artist name - Releases name - Releases date - Releases sound quality (No thumbnail of individual cover)

I hope you enjoy !

Thursday, 21 April 2016

The System & Humanity

The System and Humanity it is now officially distributed to some web stores.
It is a Free E-Book am very proud to share and I hope you can take something beneficial out of it !

This book is a storage knowledge from many year of studies and researches. I always want people to know that is possible an agreement to be archived between Government and citizens. Is not about change the Prime Minister, Its is about to change the System the government has been using to manipulate the citizens.
This process is in action in other countries as Switzerland. It is working and is called Direct democracy !
During the book I took my time to write about some other topics correlated as Religion, Spirituality and the importance of us to pay more attention to each other.
This is not a book about accusing, this book is about understanding and founding solutions !

I hope you enjoy my first book mostly writing from studies and personal experiences.
Enjoy !
FREE Download in all available formats from Smashwords :

A very special Thank you to:
Smashwords For the great work of distribution and verification of content
Selmo Rodrigues For the Grammar and spelling of the all book

Book can now be Download from:
Smashwords / Barnes & NobleKobo / Apple / Inktera / Baker & Taylor Blio / txtr / OverDrive / Scribd 
E-book still in distributions stages. More E-book stores to be added.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Official Published

"The System and Humanity" This book is now official published by Smashwords and has been distributed to major book stores in the web. Distribution can take from one to two weeks to propagate into all the book stores.

"The System & Humanity" The book still waiting for review but the encoding into formats like .epub / .mobi/ .pdf / .irf/ .pdb/ .text/ online reader and .doc.  had no incidents wish mean the book it was well formatted :)

Book is already available for free download @ Smashwords
Soon @ other stores

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Coming soon

 Hello All.

I just finish writing my first book. At the moment he has been proofreading and formatting by another person.

The System & Humanity - A proven solution to solve our problems.
(A book based in personal studies and experiences)

This book talk about politics, Religion and humanity. It brings a simple solution to change and stop some of our day to day divergences with the government. The solution is already in practice and has show good results in other country's. Evidences included.

Selmo Rodrigues

Frederico Alves